Our show designers imagination has allowed us to establish a new and increasingly popular form of fireworks show in recent years. In a musically synchronised fireworks show (music firework, pyromusical), pyrotechnical effects are ignited to the rhythm of the music. This fusion of music and pyrotechnics finally leads to the absolute culmination of the art of fireworks.

Global cooperation with leading manufacturers and highly qualified technicians ensures a continuous updating of our ignition systems. In this way we can always rely on modern, CE-certified technical equipment. Ignition is no longer being effected by hand or by a manual electrical switch, but via a bidirectional radio ignition system. With this radio ignition system distances over several kilometres can be overcome. The system monitors and controls each ignition. The synchronization with the music has an accuracy of hundredths of seconds.

Many customers appreciate our services especially in this market sector. Of course you can watch videos from our music fireworks shows at the following links on our youtube channel (www.youtube.com/fwjost).

Cannes 2019

Moscow 2018

Pyromagic 2017

Neufelder Seefest Part 1

Neufelder Seefest Part 2

Pyronale Berlin Part 1

Pyronale Berlin Part 2

Festival Zagreb, Kroatien


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