Fireworks without music are the traditional forms of fireworks. Spectacular images composed of bright stars, crackling comets and thundering salutes are characteristic of this widespread kind of pyrotechnic art.

The utilisation of European quality products from renowned manufacturers from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany enable us to create unforgettable moments of fire, flames, sound and smoke.

For these shows we use various effects as roman candles, multi calibre batteries as well as spherical and cylindrical shells. While spherical shells create symmetrical effects (traditional Japanese design), cylindrical shells cause numerous effects that ignite either simultaneously or consecutively (classic Italian design).

All our fireworks displays are set up only with equipment and installations that guarantee maximum safety at all times and under all circumstances.

Feuerwerke Jost realise countless fireworks shows in Austria and abroad every year. The traditional fireworks displays at the festivals in Tarragona (Spain) or Omegna (Italy) are among the highlights.

Fiori di Fuoco Omegna, Italien Part 1

Fiori di Fuoco Omegna, Italien Part 2

Fiori di Fuoco Omegan, Italien Part 3

Tarragona, Spanien Part 1

Tarragona, Spanien Part 2

Tarragona, Spanien Part 3


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